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Before each individual course starts, the trainee receives a needs analysis questionnaire, which allows Loquitur to design a course which meets the exact needs of that individual.

These highly specialised courses are designed for lawyers by lawyers. The aim is to offer courses which are of practical use to those working in the legal profession. Attention is therefore given to the forms of English used in legal documents and to skills such as speaking and drafting documents; this includes writing letters of advice and drafting clauses for agreements.

Because Loquitur courses are personalised, the study of legal vocabulary can take place within the context of the trainee's particular areas of interest, for example, mergers and acquisitions, competition law, contract law or intellectual property.

As part of their study of legal English, trainees can also take a tour of legal London, visit the Law Society and attend the Law Courts to see a trial in progress. Accompanied by their trainer, this gives the trainee the opportunity to practise speaking in English and to learn about the customs and procedures of the legal profession in England.

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