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Quotes from Loquitur trainees:

"I attended a two week course with Loquitur. I was very impressed with the opportunity it gave me to practise my spoken English and with the fact that the course was designed according to my requirements. The teachers were very good and friendly and the apartment was very comfortable."
W.K, Warsaw

"I think it was very good for me to study English with Loquitur. I am a young lawyer and I wanted to learn especially some particular legal words in English because I need it for my work. My teachers were also lawyers so it was perfect for me and very practical. I also liked going around London with my teacher, Stephen. He is very intelligent and friendly."
E.L., Milano

"I really liked my course with Loquitur in London. My teacher was professional but he was also very funny and we laughed a lot. I could talk a lot with him and I am sure I can understand and speak English better now. I loved visiting London. I think it is a great city."
Alice, Bologna

"Loquitur is an excellent induction to understand English people. It has been a very useful first step to London for me. The flat is very comfortable and it is easy to go to the centre of this huge city."
Y. K., Paris